This is the third book in Dunne's series on seasons and place*, focusing on the Alaskan and Canadian arctic. Like the first two, he gives us a picture of the place, its wildlife, and people. If you didn't already, you'll want to visit the arctic after reading about Dunne's experiences.

But this is more than just a travelogue. Throughout the book, and the series as a whole, Dunne seeks to instill a passion for nature and an appreciation that we are inextricably connected to it. The focus of this book seems to be exploration, a fitting theme since many of the stories take place in a state who's official nickname is "The Last Frontier".

This is worth a read, whether you're an arctic veteran, or never even plan to visit.

My full Review of Arctic Autumn

* Unfortunately, it is also the last. The remaining book on winter won't be published, at least not by Houghton Mifflin. Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed, but hope that it can eventually get published somehow.