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Thread: Wildlife suffering as countryside dries out

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    Default Wildlife suffering as countryside dries out

    Nature experts warn that this summer could be the worst for wildlife in over 30 years if the current period of low rainfall continues. Rainfall has been so low that in many areas the level of moisture in the soil is currently worse than in 1976, when the UK suffered one of the most severe [...]


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    “We have the technical solutions ..... water company regulation, which could be tweaked to keep more water on the land to help wildlife and farmers. Ultimately it will benefit all of us as consumers.”

    But, the shareholders Must always come first .....

    Never mind, you peeps. Ye would be wet birds can all come to Eire. Co. Leitrim's absolutely sodden! The land's never been so soggy in living memory. It's been this way for a year now. And no sign of a reprieve

    Train station tannoy voice: " All Change! "

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