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Thread: Kestrel or Lesser Kestrel

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    Default Kestrel or Lesser Kestrel

    Seen at Salgados Lagoon, Algarve, Portugal yesterday. This doesn't look like a common kestrel - no spots or bars on back of wings, few spots under wings and on chest. Surprised if it's a lesser kestrel in the Algarve, but if anyone with more experience could confirm one way or the other I would be grateful. Pictures not the best due to distance, but I hope they're adequate.



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    Lesser Kestrel indeed. Early February would see the return of some birds , hence your sighting on the Algarve.

    Portugal has a successful breeding programme for Lessers'
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    Nice record! We don't get so many Lesser Kestrels on either passage in the Algarve. By the end of Feb the great majority will be on the nearest breeding grounds in the Baixo Alentejo.

    Attached is a nice report in English about the work done - its a couple of years old now and the present population has increased to close to 1,000 pairs. Its is now more numerous than before major declines were documented, so a great success story that brought them back from around 100 pairs in a decade.

    It continues to be a scarce bird in the Algarve. Hopefully in the future it will return as a breeding species, although the Algarve could never compete with the vast habitats of the Baixo Alentejo.


    EDIT; I meant to mention that I will be at Lagoa dos Salgados tomorrow morning - I'll keep a look out for the L:Kestrel and maybe yourself?
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    Just possibly Simon. My wife needs the car to get to an appointment in Vilamoura, but she may drop me off first, about 9.15.

    Regards, Ken

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