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Thread: Ocean Shores, WA McKay's Bunting

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    Default Ocean Shores, WA McKay's Bunting

    I have set up a webpage about the Ocean Shores, WA McKay's Bunting here:

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    your link is not working?

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    Here is the link to my flickr account and my posted pictures of the above McKay's Bunting. My visit was the last day he was seen at Ocean Shores Washington State USA. This bird was very tame a treat to view up close.

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    nice photos Chuck!

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    How many other records of McKay's are there away from Alaska (and adjacent Russian coasts)?

    And what is its taxonomic status, has it ever been proved that all Snow Buntings are monophyletic with respect to McKay's? Or would McKay's be better treated as a subspecies of Snow? (Yep, seen the Maley & Winker paper, but that didn't have a range-wide coverage of Snow Buntings so can't give a clear result)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelF View Post
    How many other records of McKay's are there away from Alaska (and adjacent Russian coasts)?
    Alderfer 2006 (Complete Birds of North America): "Accidental south along the Pacific coast to BC (1 rec.), WA (3 recs.), and OR (2 recs.)."

    Montgomerie & Lyon 2011 (BNA Online): "Accidental in British Columbia (Richmond, Pacific Rim National Park), Washington (Ocean Shores, Lummi Indian Reservation), Oregon (Depoe Bay, Fort Stevens State Park at mouth of Columbia R.)."

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