I was testing a new photo hide today at Båtsfjord harbour. Made by a fish container, small outboard el-engine and not very much more.. Had very good views of Kinge Eiders and Stellers Eiders They came within a couple of meters of the hide. New possibilities for those who are interested in Arctic Seaduck photography. My photos are taken with a nikon d300s and a 300 F4 nikkor lens, so imagine the possibilities with heavier lenses.. Even wide angle lenses would be good, though. More at http://www.biotope.no/2012/03/batsfj...with-view.html

By the way, the photo hide I tested will probably be situated in Vardø harbour on the GullFest

We also had 4 Hawk Owls on the drive to Båtsfjord. A good birding weekend in the north..