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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to introduce myself; I love birds and have been a birdwatcher from way back. I live in Phoenix Arizona (our weather right now is awesome!) and live in the middle of the city. We have several large trees and a large lot so we attract quite a variety of birds. Have had a nesting pair of western screech owls in a nesting box we placed high in an ash tree. They produced one pair of babies 2 years ago, but the male was chased out/killed by bees which took over the box.
    Looking forward to chatting with you all!
    I do have a question; we are landscaping some of our property, and the landscaper wants to put crushed granite between the plants in the beds. It does reduce loss of moisture, which is a factor here in the desert, but I am concerned whether its in the birds best interest. anyone have any ideas about this?

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    Hi tricksie13 and welcome to the forum. Very lucky to have nesting screech owls.

    regarding your landscape question, I guess anything you can do to retain moisture is good and crushed granite sounds a lot better than rubber mulch etc!

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