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Thread: The December 2007 issue of Birder's World

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    Default The December 2007 issue of Birder's World

    The December 2007 issue of Birder's World features a brand-new column, "ID Toolkit," by David Allen Sibley. You'll get great identification tips, useful text, and beautiful artwork by David ?- only in Birder's World! Also in this issue: The status of the California Condor recovery program after 20 years, birdwatching in New York City's Central Park, and much more!

    Features Species Profile: California Condor
    After 20 years of captive breeding, hand-feeding, and radio-tracking, our most magnificent bird is once again flying free, but it's not out of the woods yet. By John Moir

    Attracting Birds: The great squirrel war
    Six simple ways to outsmart squirrels. By Lillian and Don Stokes Birding Hotspot: Birding Central Park Where and when to see songbirds, hawks, and other great birds in New York's signature park. By Geoffrey S. LeBaron Photo Essay: Owls in winter

    Superb up-close photos of owls, plus seven can't-miss places to find them this winter. By Jim Zipp Local Birding: Hotspots Near You Easy-to-get-to, excellent birding destinations near Syracuse, Sacramento, St. Louis, and Atlanta. By Joseph Brin, Chris Conard, Mike Thelen, and Giff Beaton

    Regulars NEW! ID Toolkit, by David Allen Sibley
    The author of the Sibley Guide to Birds tells how to use the shape of a flock to identify songbirds in flight

    Since You Asked, by Julie Craves Whether airplanes topple penguins, the difference between pigeons and doves, and the mystery of the 13 dead Cedar Waxwings

    Birding Briefs How DDT is still harming Bald Eagles, analogical reasoning in crows, wildfire's toll on sage-grouse, and photos of rare bird sightings

    Birder at Large, by Pete Dunne Birding the prairies in winter

    ID Tips, by Kenn Kaufman Western and Clark's Grebes

    Amazing Birds, by Eldon Greij The spectacular courting rituals of manakins

    On the Move, by Paul Kerlinger New research sheds light on scoter migration

    New Products
    An easy-to-clean feeder, a jacket with pockets galore, and other gear that will make you a better birdwatcher

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