So a while ago I was asked to try out a new product which has hit the market here in the good 'ole and due to the usual I havent had a chance to use it until just recently. The product is called Birdcam and is manufactured by a company called Wingscapes. It's basically a motion sensitive camera that works remotely. For starters I decided to leave the camera set to its factory default settings and placed it in several places around the front and backyard to see what pictures it would take. The results are pretty good!
On the first day I placed the Birdcam at the base of my pole system facing a tree ring that has a mix of White Millet and Cracked corn scatterd on top of and around it. The first series of pictures it took were not what I was hoping for!!!!
One of twenty pictures the Birdcam took of this damn Gray Squirrel!
So as we don't get many squidgies in the backyard I decided to try the Birdcam there next. Well the reason we don't get many squidgies in the backyard is because of....
....the damn Dog! This is Lucy eating the birdie biccies! Caught red bloody handed!
Thankfully goose didn't care too much for millet and cracked corn and probably went and lay down in her favorite sun spot. Not long after my Birdcam finally started capturing images of birds!
An Eastern Towhee
A couple of Chipping Sparrows...note the one in the foreground wearing a band. Hopefully it's one of the birds Ross banded last winter.
More Chippies
So not bad for its initial try-out.
For more information check out wingscapes website listed under Mega Links.