Julie and I got up early this morning so that I could take her to Enterprise Car Rental before I met folks for my bird walk to Birdsong Nature Center. I had enough time to run home and pick up my cell phone, which was fortuitous as I spotted 2 Pine Siskins eating sunflower chips from our Eliminator feeder...it elimintaes squidgies not birds! Although you can eliminate large birds like grackles if neccessary.Anyways Pine Siskin is a new yard bird #116 and also shows that there really is an irruption of siskins this year. Carol has a few in her yard as well and no doubt lots of folks in town will be reporting them over the next few days.Birdsong was great as usual. The highlight was 4 Grasshopper Sparrows in the Gin field (I've never managed to find any Gin there, which would have been a nice tonic with the groppers!) and a very showy Hermit Thrush, which was eating suet at the cypress stump.I left the birdcam fixed on the birdbath when I got home and had a few visitors including the siskins.

I did manage to take a pic of one of the siskins through the kitchen window.

The birdcam was set to video again before I left for Birdsong and it captured the following footage.

I put the birdcam out again so it records what I miss whilst I'm at college later this afternoon. Hopefully it'll get some warbler action!