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Thread: Sooty Falcon on Cyprus??

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    Default Sooty Falcon on Cyprus??

    Greetings Surfbirders,

    This exciting record was posted on another listserver last week:

    Sooty Falcon (Falco concolor)

    13th Sep 2007, Linosa, Sicily, 1 ind

    1st for Italy if accepted

    best birding

    Maurizio Sighele
    http://www.maudoc. com
    skype:maurizio. sighele

    The discussion that followed suggested that this may be the 2nd record for Europe, with an earlier observation on Cyprus in recent years.

    Does anyone have any details of the Cyprus record please?
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    what a record!!

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    It has now been accepted...yet, if any knows other EU records please write me...


    LINOSa island IS the island where birders should go in next future to find new bird for Europe...2 springs ag? I found with ottavio janni, Hans L?arsson, michele Vigan? et al. the 1st Atlas Flycatcher ... next will be House Bunting or like so...


    Andrea corso
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