Wanted to let our readers know about a new video feature on the site. We welcome your videos but we also need your feedback. We're still troubleshooting a few bugs here and there so please let us know if there's something that's not working for you.

1. You can upload quicktimes, windows media files and the Surfbirds server will process and encode to flash. Flash is the most widely used video format as nearly all web browsers are flash enabled. It's the same technology that youtube, google video and myspace etc use.

2. We have increased the bit rate over youtube, google video, myspace so your videos should look better. If you are on dial-up, I'm afraid you may be out of luck though. Surfbirds videos will probably only play smoothly on a faster broadband line.

Some Tips
1. Keep file size below 100MB.

2. Just as in our galleries, keep filename simple with no spaces or extra dots in the name eg "mymovie.wmv" is good but "mymovie. 13.wmv" is not good.

3. Keep your description really brief. We're still working on this bug, but a wordy description can cause the video not to upload.

4. Got Hi-res video and want a really great encode? Consider purchasing Sorenson Squeeze for Flash or Total Video Converter and encoding to a flash .flv file yourself before uploading. You will get a better encode than if you rely on the server to do it. Check out the Video section of this forum soon for some tips on how to do a good flash encode.

Look forward to seeing your videos! Please don't hesitate to post technical questions in Surfbirds Help.
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