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    We went out to Pleasant Roads pond and Kelp Point pond today to see if the Coscoroba Swans have got any young. When I got to Pleasant Roads pond the pair of Coscoroba Swans were still on the pond but no sign of any young which was very disappointing as the last time I was there one bird was sitting on a nest on one of the Islands. Continued onto Kelp Point pond where I could see lots of Coscoroba Swans from a distance, once we got to the side of the pond it was great to see that there were lots adult birds that included 1 pair with 6 young and another pair with 5 young. This is only the 4th & 5th time that Coscoroba Swans have breed in the Falkland Islands. 7 adult birds including a pair with 6 youngA none breeding pair flying into Kelp Point pondBreeding pair with 5 young.We saw today a total of 13 adults (possible including last years 5 cygnets) and 11 cygnets.I will add another entry later with all the other birds & mammals seen today.


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    If you haven't discovered Falklands blog, you should bookmark it - it's a good one with some nice photos from that part of the world.

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