Some of you may remember by blurb on the Florida county listing race that is going on...if you don't recall my entry regarding this subject let me give you a brief summary of what it is all about. It's very sad! So Monsieur David Simpson finally climbed the ladder and is currently looking down upon the rest of us from his lofty throne. King Simpson has now amassed a huge total of 10,326 Total County ticks! Dave Goodwin has been left thrashing in his wake! I am merely a speck on the horizon, dawdling along at a snails pace. I have no illusions of ever being crowned King Sad Bastard but county listing is actually a lot of fun if you donb't take it too seriously. So yesterday, on my way to St Marks NWR, I was day dreaming about lists and how I could become a King Lister. I decided to come up with my own listing race. It's a list of lists list...savvy? I am now creating my own list of lists. Here are few new lists I have started or that are currently in progress...1). Birds seen whilst using the facilities (that's posh for taking a ....or a ....!) bird..Radde's Warbler on Scilly.2). Birds seen whilst eating..hard to say what the best bird on this list as I am nearly always eating!3). Birds heard whilst laying in bed. I am actually quite devoted to this list. This morning I had a Balimore Oriole.4). Birds seen whilst on a Nuclear Submarine (obviously we were on the surface)..Greater Shearwater, British Storm-petrel, Atlantic Pufin, Golden only way of adding new birds to this list is visit a submarine musuem and stand on the casing looking for birds. Anyone know of a sub musuem around here?5). Birds seen whilst scratching my .......I started this list today and it currently stands at one species, Eastern Towhee. This list is easy to build as all you have to do whilst birding is constantly scratch your ..... It is a bit tricky as you can only hold your bins with one hand so I recommend using your scope to really build this list.6). Birds seen whilst at a sporting event. I once saw a Black-headed Gull at Anfield, which was pretty exciting! Florida State Baseball games are good for building this list. Last season I got Osprey, Red-tailed Hawk, Common Nighthawk, Chimney Swift, Ring-billed Gull and Northern Mockingbird. For British birders I recommend going to cricket games for boosting this list.7). Birds seen whilst getting a speeding ticket. When Sheriff Johnny B. Good (yes that was his REAL name) gave me a ticket in Richland, Georgia last year a Pileated Woodpecker flew by. I even pointed it out to the bastard not that he cared. He obviously didn't need it!8). Birds taking a .... list...a commonly kept list by some birders.9). Birds taking a .... on you list...obviously gulls at the beach are a good source for this list but if you are a ringer/bander you can really build up quite a big list in this category.10). We all have a list of birds we have seen, so I am starting a list of birds I haven't seen. I am almost certain I am King of that list!So there you have it, just a sample of all the wonderful ways of keeping you entertained with bird lists. By my estimation my List of Lists Overall Total Ticks = 274,343...hang on make tthat 274,344 I just saw a Cardinal whilst scratching my ....!Seriously though I am almost in a position to overtake Don Chalfant in Florida. He will soon be eating my dust as I hurtle ever on up the list of sad bastards!I did actually go birding yesterday, St Marks NWR as previously mentioned. The male Vermilion Flycatcher showed pretty well but still wasn't that close for digiscoping.

After the recent rain we found a lot of critter tracks in the sand along the dikes.
This is pretty hard to see (taken in near dark) but the big track on the top left is a Black Bear and the smaller one bottom right is a White-tailed Deer.