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Thread: is it a red-tailed hawk?

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    Default is it a red-tailed hawk?

    I was walking around outside of Faneuil hall in Boston yesterday with my boyfriend when we noticed a small crowd that had gathered to observe a bird of prey. The bird had landed on an overhang with its freshly killed pigeon. I took a couple of pictures before it flew down the street and alighted in a tree, only to take off again and fly out of sight a moment later. I did a little browsing online to see if I could identify it, and I think it was a red tailed hawk, but I'm not positive. I'd appreciate it if someone could either confirm this or provide the bird's real identity, thank you.
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    Hi CraftyGirl

    This appears to be your first posting so welcome to Surfbirds Forums.

    Well done for capturing the images and for your identification too.

    I also believe it's a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk.

    Keep shooting!


    'Raptors - sentinels for our future on planet Earth'.

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    Hi craftygirl, thanks for posting your shots. I agree a handsome Red-tailed Hawk doing some pigeon control.

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