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Thread: Peregrine captured capturing stilt

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    Default Peregrine captured capturing stilt

    If you're interested in Peregrines, please follow this weblink to a superb sequence of photographs taken by Bob Steele and Garth McElroy.


    'Raptors - sentinels for our future on planet Earth'.

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    Thanks RaptorBirder and thanks for the link. Amazing photos of 2 very beautiful birds, sad but a wonderful event all the same. Well told too.

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    Life is pretty tough in the wild. Thanks for the link

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    A stunning sequence of shots. I must admit to having mixed feelings about this type of photography. I know this happens, and I know that it has to happen in order for Peregrines (one of my favourite birds) to survive, but I do not really want to see a photographic record of it. It rather smacks of voyeurism to me.

    A while ago I saw a Southern Grey Shrike (another beautiful bird) catch a Sardinian Warbler. It ripped off the head and impaled it on barbed wire then proceeded to pluck and eat the body of the bird. I did not even lift the camera to take a shot because I didn't really want a record of it.

    Maybe I am just too "soft" or over-sensitive?


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