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Thread: Scottish Raptor Study Groups

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    Default Scottish Raptor Study Groups

    Raptor enthusiasts may be interested in the following message that arrived in my inbox recently:

    On Behalf Of
    Sent: 28 November 2007 17:43
    Subject: Scottish Raptor Study Groups

    Though some of you will be aware of the Scottish Raptor Study Groups,
    you might not know too much about us. We now have a website which will tell you a bit about the
    various groups which cover geographical areas of Scotland and the
    species which we are interested in. It also explains the structure of
    the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme which on a national basis, is
    probably a fairly unique organisation. News pages are updated on a
    regular basis and the most recent item unfortunately relates to the
    continuing saga of Red Kite poisoning in Scotland. For my sins I look
    after the website so give us a look and any feedback is welcome.




    'Raptors - sentinels for our future on planet Earth'.

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    I take it, you guys are responsible for that series of brilliant YouTubes on the Edinburgh Sparrowhawks?

    Wonderful job.

    I used to do lots of Birdwatching myself, up around the Blackford Hill & the Woods behind it, when I was a youth, back in the 60s.

    Keep up the good work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorBirder View Post
    Red Kite poisoning in Scotland
    But some good news about golden eagles, which may pave the way for recognition of the red kites' problems.

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    Good news, though new SPAs in the uplands of eastern Scotland would make more sense; that's where the species could have higher breeding density (climatically more suitable) but is suffering the greater persecution losses

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