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Thread: Lizard from Oman

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    Default Lizard from Oman

    Hi All,

    I googled 'lizards in Oman' to find out what this is. I got lots of names and some pictures, but couldn't find it; can anyone tell me what it is? I found it on a seaside cliff.
    Thanks, Sue
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    Hi Sue,

    I am fairly sure from the body shape and feet that this is a Gecko. My house is full of them - I love 'em, they eat all the flies and bluebottles.

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    Hi Colin,

    Thank-you so much for your insight. Iím sorry for not responding more quickly, really didnít mean to be rude. I donít know why gecko didnít come to mind. Maybe because the toes didnít look geckoish to me. I remembered the toes being sort of fringy, but after looking at the photo again and thinking about it, I decided my mind was mixing a few Ďlizardsí together. The photo is not good enough to see clearly because I had my 2.0 pixel instamatic at the time. This is another lesson to me to WRITE NOTES. I have written them occasionally, usually on loose paper in my backpack or spread through several spirals lying around the boat, but I am not a consistent, organized note taker, and I should be. My New Years resoloution?
    Anyway, I did some searching today and I think you have pointed me in the right direction. I found one photo of Pristurus cellerimus; Oman Rock GeckoóI didnít think it was him, but it came close. Then I found this:

    I was sitting at the nav station taking aloud about all that I needed to read when my husband said, ďYouíre not going to start on Geckos too are you?Ē Iím sure all you fellow nature lovers understand completely.

    I agree with you about geckos, I love them too. I know very little about reptiles, but I have seen what I'm sure were geckos in quite a few places in the world. They are so cute.

    Thanks again for your feed-back.


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