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Thread: my gear

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    Default my gear

    just to get this off the ground from a member.

    i use a canon 350d
    with a sigma 50-500mm.this week i got a kenko 1.4x 300 pro converter,
    i also have the kit lens the 90-300mm which i have not used since i got the sigma,but now thinking of using it with the converter for flight shots,as it will be easier to handhold.

    winter is here so not much time to get out
    regards darrell j prest

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    As the name would suggest, a Canon XM2 video camera, known as GL2 in the States with a Sony 2x tele lens. Some of my older videos on here were recorded on a Canon analogue & some on a Sony D8. I would love an HD video camera with interchangeable lenses but the cost is prohibitive at present.
    Dave J

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    Hi greenwithens, just checked out your blog, nice pics - like those med gull shots.

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