By Alan Davies and Owen Roberts

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192 pages
ISBN 978-0-955033-94-0

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This latest book in the best birdwatching sites series spotlights the leading sites of Gwynedd and Clywd. Covering some 60 sites with all the latest birding information, detailed maps and access, this must-have guide gives you the best chance of enjoying numerous memorable birding days in North Wales.

Authored by Alan Davies and Owen Roberts, there can be no doubt that Buckingham Press have found the regionís most knowledgeable, qualified and enthusiastic birders to extol the delights of North Wales. But praise must also go to Kevin Thomas-Jones, a young wildlife artist whose lively illustrations help to capture the mood of each site.

How many out-of-region birders have in recent times burnt along the A55 heading for a rarity on Anglesey, oblivious to the many other wonderful birding sites of North Wales. This guide now opens up the whole of this region to the birder with all the knowledge needed to give you the best chance of finding the speciality birds of North Wales.

Some 60 sites are covered with the type of knowledge that comes only from those who regularly watch them. For each site target and other species are listed including all importantly percentage chances of seeing those target species. The best areas at each site for certain species are described. And finally this guide is right up-to-date. Every site has been visited in 2006 or 2007.

In short, if youíre visiting North Wales and you want to be confident of seeing your target species, then this book is for you. I for one will take the slow road from now on.

Short of birding with Alan and Owen, this site guide canít get any better.

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