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Thread: Hi from sunny Egypt

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    Default Hi from sunny Egypt

    Iím editor of two magazines published in Cairo, and with photography as my mine main hobby have recently taken up birding. One of the prime reasons for joining Surfbirds is the frustration of trying to identify some of the species I have photographed particularly those I categorise as UBOs, unidentifiable brown objects.
    Over 470 species have been recorded in Egypt. Two-thirds are migrants, with only around 150 species resident all year. Several species are locally extirpated and many others are rare or accidental. Egypt being located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, is blessed with a wide range of habitats each with its own unique bird life. The country is located on major migration routes. Millions of birds pass through every autumn and spring using the River Nile and the Red Sea as migratory corridors. Many species over winter, Egyptian wetlands are internationally important wintering sites for water birds.
    The Ancient Egyptians were superb natural historians and vividly documented the flora and fauna of their time on the walls of tombs and temples. Over 76 different species of birds, can be identified from the wall paintings, reliefs and other artefacts.
    Jacqueline Burrell

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    Hi Jacqueline,

    Welcome to the forum. My husband and I spend a season in Abu Tig marina in El Gouna. It was an heavenly place to recuperate from sailing up the Red Sea. The Tandoor retaurant in the marina gets first place on the Peregrinometer for best Indian Restaurant. I will always crave their Shrimp Vindaloo! We also enjoyed our trip down the Nile very much. Good Luck with your photography and spread the bird word! The locals in El Gouna thought I was mad.

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    Hi Jacqueline, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to helping you with some IDs. Have enjoyed a short trip to Egypt myself but didn't do much birding, however, I think you will find a lot of world birders here who will be able to help.

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    hello and welcome
    regards darrell j prest

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    Hi Jacqueline and a very warm welcome to the forum.

    I hope some of us are able to help with any IDs that you have to name as it's always good to have the correct name listed for each bird.

    I've never been to Africa so I was very interested with all you had to say, it's good to hear from someone who sees them in the winter, but it must be wonderful to get snatches of both!

    Best wishes to you and the birds!

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