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Thread: Please help a real beginner

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    Default Please help a real beginner

    The pictures were all taken in Egypt.

    UD1 was on a seaside lawn in Abu Soma on the Red Sea south of Hurghada in late November.

    UD2, UD3[a] and [b] were taken in October in the garden of my apartment in the Mohandiseen a district of Cairo.

    U4 was in a inlet off the River Nile in Luxor in June.

    I would really appreciate your help and it is very frustrating trying to identify them.

    A Happy New Year to Everyone
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    Hi Jacqueline,

    Here are my best answers for your mystery birds.....

    1. Water Pipit.
    2. Graceful Warbler
    3. Chiffchaff
    4. Chiffchaff ( same bird ? )
    5. Swan Goose. ( This is a rare eastern Asian species so must have been released into the wild or escaped from a collection )

    Hope this helps, or at least gives you a clue of what to look at in the field guides.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Jacqueline, I think I'd agree with SG on all of the above. And that Swan Goose wouldn't be a wild bird but an exotic that's popular in collections. Please keep them coming. Best, Andy

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