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Thread: Happy 2008 Surfbirds Listers

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    Default Happy 2008 Surfbirds Listers

    2008 Lists are now up on the Rankings Home. Please let us know if you have any problems accessing or want a new list added.

    Look out for the 2008 World Year List as Alan and Ruth attempt the Biggest Twitch and try to break the world record. You can catch regular updates on their blog.. Jonathan Rossouw always ranks in the top 5 over the past few years on the Surfbirds rankings and was number 1 in 2005 and 2006. Looks like he was beaten by a few hundred in 2007 and finished 4th. However, 2005 was the big year for him as he cracked the magical 3000 in one year and tallied 3024. You can read the 2005 review here. Clements holds the record with 3,662 in one year. Alan and Ruth has that total in their sights. Good luck!

    Also look out for the non-motorised N. American and British 2008 Year Lists. They're gaining popularity. Also, check out Rich F's non-motorised blog

    if you're trying for a big year whether national, or just your local patch, please share your updates and progress here in this forum. Good luck all!
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    What would you think about changing the "Nonmotorised List" to the "Green List". Makes it sound a little more environmentally cool.

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    Sounds like a good suggestion.

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