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Thread: Bird Songs from Around The World Competition

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    Default Winners of Bird Songs from Around The World

    In association with Chronicle Books and the world-renowned Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Surfbirds is excited to offer its readers a chance to win a copy of Bird Songs from Around the World. We have multiple copies to give away, so your chances are not horrible. Closing date is 9th December. Winning names will be posted here.

    Congratulations to the following Surfbirds Forum Members!! Copies of this fantastic book are on their way to you.

    wimheylen - Belgium

    bruty - UK

    Axel - Germany

    geoffwilliams - UK

    tpowell - USA

    These competitions are only open to members of the Surfbirds Forums. There are more cool giveaways coming up so if you don't win this time, keep watching this space. There are always more entries than prizes so we try to spread the prizes around evenly so not the same people win all the time. It's free to join, so what's stopping you, unless you hate winning free stuff.
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