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Thread: Hi from Jon Edwards

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    Default Hi from Jon Edwards

    Although I've been yearlisting in the UK for 20 years, I feel as if I have stagnated rather, and as I'm looking for some fresh impetus from like-minded enthusiasts I joined the Surfbirds Forums.

    I pass 50 in the next few months, and I look forward to spending even more time in the field as I get older. My "patch" is probably Willen Lake in North Buckinghamshire, UK, but I seem to see my best birds in Norfolk (2 hours drive), and in particular at Titchwell.

    Last year, I took my first trip to South America, being promptly overwhelmed by the huge numbers of birds in Ecuador. Previously, I've fitted in a little birding around trips to India, Australia and Guadeloupe, but this was a full-on assault, and I'm still recovering! Nearly 300 birds in a week was mind-blowing.

    My early plans for this year are 14 days in New Zealand, with stop-overs in Hawaii and San Francisco, making it a 3 week round trip. But if I get the time, I'd love to do another trip to the US or Canada (greedy-guts!).

    My lists are pretty moderate - about 350 UK birdsw and 780 World list, and I'm hoping to nudge past 1000 world wide in the next year. Any suggestions for where I should go?

    Jon Edwards

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    A very warm welcome to the Forum Jon.

    If you're stagnating with all the names of places you've been to and the birds seen at them - then I must be standing still!

    My lists are moderate too, but to my mind it's the pleasure you get from each one that's far more important than the numbers. Still, good luck with getting to the 1000....and enjoy the trip it takes. I couldn't even begin to tell you where next to go, but no doubt the others will have plenty of great spots.

    All the best.

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    Welcome aboard John and thanks for the introduction.

    I must say that you've already got some exciting things lined up for 2008 - good on 'ya.

    For me the obvious omission to your list of experience is Africa!

    You could easily get much closer to your 1000 species target with a week in Gambia, which is cheap and easy to do as an independent traveller. Or if you're feeling more adventurous, how about going for some of the 900 species in Cameroon?

    A word of warning though, once you visit the dark continent it'll infect you're blood and you'll never rest easy until you're back there!

    Have a great year and please keep us updated on how you get on.
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    Hi Jon Edwards! Welcome and thanks for posting. Sounds like you have a great year ahead! If you get some time in Hawaii, try for some of the endemics - some of the creepers are stunning. Best, Andy

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    Ecuador is amazing - tanagers and hummers - but try Brazil and the gambia for an intro to African birds.

    Nice to have you contributing.

    Brian S

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    Hi Jon and welcome. Willen Lake is a great local patch - seen any of the goodies there over the years such as Caspian Tern and I think there have been some pelagics too?

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