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Thread: Wrong sort of Tick !

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    Default Wrong sort of Tick !

    This Lesser redpoll spent all day by the side of a feeder looking decidedly unhappy with one eye half closed , and body fluffed, etc. Ticks are not supposed to harm the host (feed up and fall off they say ).
    This bird certainly didn't look to be enjoying it.

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    I know that mammals are susceptible to "Tick Fever" (apparently, down here one in eight ticks carries the disease), does it not apply to birds as well?

    My only experience of it is that one of my neighbours dogs got infected and became very ill. Fortunately it was spotted early on and the dog responded to treatment, but is still flares up now and again - there is not a complete cure. I have also heard of cases of humans contracting it; apparently it gives a fit person three or four days of absolute hell, and it can be fatal for the elderly.


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    there were some nasty looking photos of a Rose-coloured Starling last year that had some pretty horrific looking ticks on it. Or if you want to see some really big ones see what these poor seabirds go through on Richard Hall's blog. Scroll down to the Dec 4th entry for some nasty shots.

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