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Thread: anyone id this please?

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    Cool anyone id this please?

    No picture unfortunately, but,

    saw these 2 birds (looked like a pair) while walking along the Grantham canal, south notts.
    they were about the size of a starling (possibly smaller)
    the head shape looked quite grebe-like, although they were quite difficult to see, obviously very shy, and swam away underwater as we approached.
    they swam about 10 meters underwater each time.
    they were both mottled browns in colour, possibly with a little grey.
    when they sat still, they were about three quarters submerged, so we couldnt see their legs at all.

    have looked around but cant see anything like them anywhere,
    very curious,

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    Though brief, your description of size, colour and behaviour (diving on approach and hiding semi-submerged) would all indicate a Little Grebe (Dabchick). In winter they acquire a much more muted plumage than in summer, and can confuse.

    Pics below from gallery

    Brian S
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