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Thread: Strange Edinburgh sighting

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    Question Strange Edinburgh sighting

    Hi there
    Tried to identify a bird I saw today in Edinburgh I've never seen before, with no luck on the internet tonight. Can anyone help? Looked like a Starling, but had a shock white head with yellow/apricot pointed beak. Feathers on back and tail white and black with long white, vertical streaks down tail feathers. Anybody recognise this? I and my two colleagues had never seen this before.

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    In the middle of Wyre forest, Worcestershire.


    Hi- There are quite a few variations in plumage often on birds which are normally black all over. A good example is the blackbird. They sometimes have white heads and white streaked feathers.
    That's all I can think of. The size is a bout right and the bill colour is right.
    Can't think of anything else.

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    some sort of partial albino eithe startling or blackbird is likely but could also be an escaped exotic eg white-cheeked starling another photo here?

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