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Now we are not in position to say any more that Gujarat (India) is a safe place for birds. We all know about poaching on large scale at Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. Now it is South Gujarat, which is facing same kind of scenario. As per the news article ‘Winged migrants fall prey to poachers in S gujarat’ (page No.3) in Times of India – Ahmedabad dated February 4, 2008 these migratory winged visitors are poached in large numbers in coastal villages from Bharuch to Valsad.

Wishing all bird lovers a very happy bird census with request to keep in mind that whenever and wherever you count birds (either its water fowl census, Nal Sarovar bird count or any other bird survey) please think about the birds which could have been there in your count sheet but ‘somehow’ are not there.
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Here is the link to read the news.