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Thread: Help finding an article on HOBBY

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    Default Help finding an article on HOBBY

    I'm writing an article about 2nd cy Elenora's Falcon identification

    I remind to have seen some years ag? a note in British Birds about immatures plumages of Hobby...

    but I can't find the issue any longer, I think its lost as well as other magazines over one of the rocks, hills, mountains, sea cliffs or like so where I spent my spring and autumn raptor watching...

    Could anyone help me in sending me the reference of that article or may be a PDF or a copy?


    Andrae Corso
    Nice2Naughty cam
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    That was me, and I have a copy here. If you send me your address (through private mail) I can post it to you. I don't have any copies of the Red-foot article though - sorry


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    Hi Andrea,
    Just in case you weren't aware you can buy a DVD with all the past issues of BB on it for just 99 (though I'm sure Brian can sort you a discount!!)

    Have a look here

    All the best

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