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Thread: Thieving Bulbul!

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    Default Thieving Bulbul!

    Like Colin Key, John Robinson and many other members, I prefer to photograph birds in a natural environment but I found this shot irresistable.

    We were having breakfast on the balcony, as we can nine months out of twelve in Egypt, when the bulbul swooped down from a tree and stole a piece of bread which it then had the tenacity to devoy no more than two feet away from us!

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    In the middle of Wyre forest, Worcestershire.


    Great ! ( And I thought it was just pyramids and stuff over there !! )
    John R

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    Nice behavioural shot Jacqueline. I was sat at my desk a couple of weeks ago and heard what I assumed was one of our cats eating biscuits from a dish on a kitchen worksurface (put there out of my dog's reach). I poked my head over the breakfast-bar and saw that an Azure-winged Magpie had come in through the window and was perched on the edge of the dish gorging itself. It did this several times during the day but never when I had the camera pointed in its direction.

    Also reminds me that I have a "First for Portugal" record of Common Bulbul outstanding and not yet accepted by the Rarities Committee because the Norwegian birder who also saw it gave me a "duff" email address. If anyone knows a guy called Toralf Tysse, please let me know.


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