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Thread: Black-faced Spoonbill - Platalea minor

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    Default Black-faced Spoonbill - Platalea minor

    Black-faced Spoonbills have been wintering down here in Miyazaki. Saw three on the 5 Dec 07 at the Hitotsuba Inlet, by the Marina in central Miyazaki city, a further three occasions on the Kaeda River Estuary on the south sice of the city in late December, when one to three birds were seen, and then on the 4 and 8 Feb 08 at the Hitotsuse Inlet by the Hitotsuse River estuary on the north side of the city when 11 birds were seen. This is an endangered species and I heard that there are only about 1400 birds left.

    Link to photo:
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    Nice photo David.

    I would suggest that you post images with maximum image quality but reduce the "image size" to a maximum of 800 or 900 pixels on their longest dimension.

    These huge images which require scrolling are a bit of a pain in the "posterior".


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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have resized them and added another photo. Hope that helps.
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    Hi David, well done. Rare bird indeed.

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