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    Default Urban Bald Eagle

    This juvenile Bald Eagle has spent the winter at the Rio Hondo Spreading grounds just minutes from downtown Los Angeles. It seems to be comfortable with humans and there are often a few joggers underneath its lamp pole staring up in disbelief. It's finding food and was feeding on a small rodent whilst I was there. Watching that wingspan take off and send the crows, pigeons and ducks scattering is quite a sight!

    Here's a video I shot of it and attached to this post is a video grab.

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    It's remarkable how similar (1w?) Bald- and White-tailed Eagles are! Never seen the first but from the video I conclude that the wings are longer (thinner?) and the tail seems a bit longer. Don't have any litterature on Bald Eagles so if anybody can correct/instruct me that would be very kind
    Christian Brinkman

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    Hi Christian, they are pretty similar. White-tailed has darker underwings and tail is less wedge-shaped.

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