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Thread: Cypriot Red-foot killings

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    Default Cypriot Red-foot killings

    The shooting of many Red-footed Falcons within the UK's RAF sovereign base at Akrotiri last year was shameful. However, as the following link shows, the lenient treatment of those guilty of the crime by the Cyprus judicial system is also shameful.

    Careful reading of the article by BirdLife shows that the killing of birds is still rife in Cyprus. It is time that the EU sorted out this long-running problem. 500,000 small birds killed for consumption as a delicacy, in a country that has become wealthy on EU money provided by European taxpayers, is disgraceful and we all have a say. As a Brit, I want to know what is our country doing allowing it to happen? I have been stopped by the base's Police and asked for my ID papers many times, even when stood outside the base watching birds, yet it seems fine to shoot birds. As you can tell I feel angry about this...

    Brian S

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    You're not on you own Brian, it's despicable that it still happens & is allowed to happen when it could be stamped out with one strike of a pen, or lack of the signature on the EU cheque. Money speaks many different languages.
    Dave J

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