Hi everyone,

I just had a call from the sanctuary and it sounds like flood damage was minor. 2 feet of water below the predicted crest made all the difference. Those monitoring the lower site said the water came closer and closer, everyone held their breath, and it stopped! We got lucky.

The main road in is still underwater and we are slowly bringing our birds back down, but there is everything to be grateful for, including all of your thoughts and prayers and donations and offers of help. I can't even tell you how much they mean to us. I've made a cut and paste document of your kind words to hang on the fridge at work this week, just to remind us that you are out there.

I'll be posting a flood story on the blog later this week when I get photos and videos together. Today's post is full of adorable baby eagle owls.

Meanwhile, here in St. Louis city, snow is falling. Ugh!

All best and thanks again,