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Thread: Birders from Southampton

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    Default Birders from Southampton

    Anybody from Southampton??

    I have a good friend who is going to UK in the very near future and will have 4 free days in Southampton and would like to do a bit of birding.

    Can anybody help or know someone who can.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Alan, I used to live there. Lots of decent places nearby. I'm sure Joe can add to this thread with more local knowledge. There is a good train service from Southampton out to new Forest esp Beaulieu Rd Station is good for usual species, Woodlark, Dartford Warbler, Crossbill (Hobby in summer), Hen Harrier - not sure if there's a Great Grey Shrike around this winter...

    Other good spots include Pennington/Keyhaven (bit of a walk from nearest train station). If he has a car, there's Farlington (near Portsmouth). Both spots good for waders, Little Egret etc. If wanting to stay very local and not go anywhere but just wants to see some UK birds, there's Southampton Common that has a wide range of species for an urban park.

    I'm sure I've seen postings from some other Hampshire birders on here who can add to this thread.

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    andy's right loads of places to go

    Lymington/ keyhaven is probably one of my favorites covering the stretch of coastline from the harbour to hurst spit there are numerous hotspots which i will detail below.
    Normandy marsh: is a resonable sized lake with numerous islands,, reedbeds and gorse, all of hich is home to a variety of species dartfords, stonechat and winchat on the lake, (monday 18th) goldeneye, slav grebes wegeon, teal, garganey and all sorts of waders.

    The salterns: is a smaller lake with two islands, this did have a scaup fml residing for a while not a huge amount of birdlife, but on the other side there has been an overwintering latoris rock pipit.

    Surrounding marshland: is home to loads of different wablers and the like plus short eared owl with hen and marsh harrier for company

    this is a very good place to go BUT it is one hell of a walk from lymington trainstation plus the reserve it makes for a very long day i have not managed to get to hurst spit as i just cant walk that far

    Totton and testwood: a few years ago i would have raved about this place but now im not to sure it is worth a visit (normaly i do it on the way back from lymington) bet birds this winter included cetti's wabbler, jack snipe, and medateranian gulls

    that is really all my knolledge of the area as i have only just be allowed to go explore it on my own ha ha ha ha


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    There's Titchfield Haven, near Fareham, a short drive (or bus ride) from Southampton. That's a pretty good place to visit (but closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) for shorebirds, birds of prey (Peregrine, Marsh Harrier, etc), Bearded Tit and so on.

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    Thanks for that,

    the guy has now arrived in Uk and will be in Southampton for a few days and then is going over to the Isle of Wight for training.

    I have sent you a PM



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