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Thread: Spotted eagle/ lesser spotted

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    Default Spotted eagle/ lesser spotted

    hi, I live in Lithuania, in my local wood are a pair of either lesser spotted or spotted eagles?, the lesser spotted is more common for the area. I have looked at the photos in the gallery and still cant decide, because of the trees Its hard to get a good look as they fly by, I see them most weeks in the spring and summer. Whats the best way to differentiate between these two birds??

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    That's hardly a beginner's ID!
    Lesser Spotted is more likely in Lithuania.
    The best feature to look at is the way the wings are coloured. In Lesser Spotted, the flight feathers are darker than the wing linings (underwing coverts); in Greater Spotted, the wing linings are darker (or the same colour) than the flight feathers.

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    Thanks, just been to the woods, there are the lesser spotted eagles I saw last year and a new pair of spotted eagles, there is a clearing in the forest where their new territories border hence confusion but as you said the wing colouring is key, also I noticed the spotted eagle has thicker wings.

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