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    Default BBRC Work in Progress

    At last there is an update for the Work-in-Progress (WIP) at BBRC.

    I know that it has been some time in coming but there were a lot of high priority things to work on when I took over as Secretary. But now the new page is set up, and my database is in place, I will be updating the WIP file on a regular (1 to 2 month) basis.

    Go to and then the 2nd button down “Work in Progress” gets you to a page where an Excel file can be downloaded with all the current submissions listed. There are also some features that allow you to filter the data for a particular county or species.

    A number of records are given as “via BirdGuides” where a photo has been published but no written submission has been sent in. We would still welcome the written submission and there is now an on-line form for you to use for this. For now, that on-line form is ONLY for birds where there is a good photo. An on-line form for non-photographed birds will come along later.

    I hope you all find the WIP file useful. Constructive comments on how to improve the file are welcome.

    We are also looking at a re-vamp of the whole BBRC web-site and there is an on-line questionnaire on the Home page where you can tell us about what features you will want in the new design.

    Nigel Hudson, BBRC Secretary.

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    Wow, this is excellent Nigel!

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