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Thread: It's A Thrush, Jim; But .....

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    Default It's A Thrush, Jim; But .....

    Someone on my reguler forum posted about a strange bird his father in law managed to get vhs footage of in his garden. I'm given to believe the garden is in Carlisle.

    " it was with a pair of black birds who chase it away after 5 minutes

    heres the dicription (its NOT a ring ouzel , magpie or blacky, nor was it ringed)

    blackbird size but shorter necked
    yellow beak
    matt black cap
    broad white collar all the way round its neck
    purpley hazy breast (no where near the bluey colour of a maggie)
    rest of body and wings were the colour of a female blacky but with a purple haze. "

    Says Digga. He posted about the bird. He then, following my instructions, took digital shots of the bird from paused images on the tv screen. So, as you lads would know, we're Not talking Digiscope material here. But I've picked out the best of them.

    I Looks Like just another partially white T. merula. But his description gives me pause for thought. The purple he speaks of being aparrent in the shots.

    Who has the Big Thrush and Blackbird books, please?

    Or is it just a male blackbird with white?

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    This is a Blackbird showing some albinism.

    Reference to an appropriate thread:



    P.S. I am an exiled Cumbrian (from Cockermouth), we don't often get "posh" birds up there!!
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    Bugger. I'd come to suspect as much, Colin. Especially once I got the hunch that his description was based on the rather dodgy footage. I mean; VHS??? I didn't realise people still Had 'Camcorders' with tape inside them!

    Oh well; If the mods would like to wipe this Thread? Save making the place untidy. Or ye welcome to move it or what ever ye feel's best.

    Thanks for the confirmation anyway

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