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    Default Little crake

    Went down for the little crake yesterday. WHAT A STUNNER! we had to wait a while but we eventually had great views of the bird, it was inches from coming out on the path in front of us but unfortunately it didnt but netherless i really good bird. That now takes me to 336! Also saw the iffy falcated duck? didnt count it but thought id go and have a look at it. After the great views of the crake we decided to go for he hoopoe at lodmoor. Ive seen hoopoe's in this country and abroad but this one flew out from the grass, vertually over our heads, landed on a post stuck its crest up looked around then flew off into the distance.what a bird!!!

    cheers andy

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    Well done Andy. Photos look like a corker.

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    Yes, well done Andy. What a great little bird. Haven't been to see it but enjoyed the female in Sussex back in the 80s that would run between people's tripods!

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