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    Visited Frampton Marsh today with my local RSPB group. Weather was extra bad for us, it was raining and there was a significant wind chill. However we carried on. We got good views of a flock of linnets, a lone whimbrel and a little owl. Possible grasshopper warbler calling from the reedbeds got the group excited, but we couldn't see it. Had my first greenshank of the year towards the end of the trip.

    My walk this morning also made me realise how important it is to have dedicated wardens and rangers that spend their time talking to visitors and educating them on the importance of the reserves. They give up their time to get wet, cold and miserable with the rest of us! Well done everyone at Frampton Marsh! Thanks,

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    Sounds good Robert even if the weather was miserable. Grasshopper Warbler is a good one although as you get older they become harder/more impossible to hear.

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