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Thread: Heading to Point Pelee, Canada

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    Default Heading to Point Pelee, Canada

    I will be heading to Point Pelee for 3 nights on May 12 to catch the warbler migration and hopefully get some great pictures for my Blog. It is an annual trip for me and a major migration hotspot in Canada. Anybody else going?

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    Hi Mike, wish I was. Just back from High Island weekend before last. Some very nice warbler passage with 25 species. Highlight being Cerulean and Golden-winged. Videograbs attached of Blue-headed Vireo, Prothonotary Warbler, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Golden-winged Warbler.
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    If you've ever suffered from neck strain trying to see migrant north american wood warblers at pelee or high island, the photos at robert royse's site are worth a look - some really amazing photos of species you don't usually get a long satisfying look at. makes you want to consider a trip to ohio:

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