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Thread: Nice garden bird this morning...

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    Default Nice garden bird this morning...

    I was just going out to bird in the woods around my house* this morning when a Black Stork sailed over in a northerly direction! Actually it is my second Black Stork over the garden, spring migration brings a good selection of raptors and storks to the area. Later on in the woods saw Golden Oriole, Cuckoo, Pied Flycatcher and 3 Common Redstarts, as well as the usual Black Kites and Common Buzzards. Now waiting for the first of the Honey Buzzards to arrive.

    * located in Haute-Savoie some 20km from Geneva


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    Sounds fantastic Mike. Always great when you can witness migration without having to leave the house.

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    What a bird! i could only dream of seeing one of them fly over my garden!
    I walked my dog up the field the other day a few minutes from my house (in the rain) Managed to see a few swallows, blackcaps, chiffchaffs etc.. but i had a suprise when a nightingale flew across in front of me!! i managed to refind it and i had wonderful views (which i rarely get)! what a suprise ! Last sunday i also added yet another bird to my garden list, ring necked parrakeet.They are about in my area but it was special to have one flying over the garden!!

    cheers andy

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