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Thread: New Member from Solon, Ohio

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    Default New Member from Solon, Ohio

    Hi Everyone,
    I just joined this forum but have been a member of the Ohio Ornithological Society for several years. I've been birding for about 20 yrs and have traveled to Belize (twice), Alaska, Hawaii (4 times), Florida, Colorado and Australia to bird. I have plans to go to Costa Rica next year. I love to travel, especially if I can bird and/or snorkel. I'd love to go back to Europe to do some birding also. I lived in Germany before I was a birder. Looking forward to hearing about other great places to bird and reading about your experiences and favorite places.
    Debbie Schmitt

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    Welcome to the forum Debbie. I have only been birding for a few months. You seem to be very dedicated to this pursuit and look forward to you posting some of your images here.

    This is a good group to be with and I have had a lot of support from some of the members. My ID skills still leave a lot to be desired and my photography skills have improved with the assistance of members here.

    Good shooting and welcome


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    Welcome to a friendly forum Debbie; you are obviously well-travelled and clearly "know a bit about birds" - the thought of you snorkelling and birding produces some incredible possibilities!!


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    Hi Debbie and a warm welcome to the forum. Lots of travellers on the forum and also members from all parts of the world.

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