(Washington, D.C. ? April 30, 2008) Studies of several bird species, including the endangered California Condor, have provided extensive documentation of the health hazard posed to birds that ingest lead ammunition residues in the remains of gun-killed animals. Now, new studies suggest that humans who eat game shot with lead ammunition may also be at risk. A conference to further explore these links, ?Ingestion of Spent Lead Ammunition: Implications for Wildlife and Humans,? sponsored by The Peregrine Fund, will be held May 12-15, 2008, at Boise State University.

California Condor, Arizona, Bright Angel, Grand Canyon 4th June 2005 ? Marcus Lawson

?We?ve been studying the effects of condor lead ingestion for years,? said Rick Watson, Vice President of The Peregrine Fund, a conservation organization that leads the California Condor recovery program in Arizona. ?Condors are sickened and some die from eating the remains of shot animals. The possibility that other species, including humans, are also at risk prompted us to organize this conference.?

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