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    Default Wasn't expecting this...

    We moved to this stone built house a couple of years ago, it has a very small interior garden and up til this year we've had swallows nesting there but that has been about it bird-wise. We put up a nest box this year, more for decoration than for hope. Shortly afterwards we had a pair of Black Redstarts checking it out (see first photo) but in the end they decided to go for the hole in the wall next to it, obviously preferring the rustic over modern penthouse.

    We've also had kestrels flying around the house and perching outside the window here. We hear them at around 6.30 each morning but didn't realize til the weekend they'd nested outside the office window (second photo). Being so close to them has been fantastic and have been able to get a real appreciation of their colours.
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    Thumbs up Your Garden

    I wish my garden was like yours, I love Kestrels and black redstarts so much!

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