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Thread: Arctic Warbler?

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    Default Arctic Warbler?

    This bird was sighted in Israel last week and would be a 1st for the country (surprisingly?). The top photo looks quite convincing with the pale supercilium contrasting with the dark eyestripe and although the bird lacks any wingbar, it's not until you get to the lower photos that it looks less convincing. I don't know what to make of it. Seems to have a streaky upperbreast. Does Arctic show this? It couldn't be a Willow Warbler could it?

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    I saw this thread on westpal birds. It doesn't look like an Arctic Warbler (although my experience is limited to autumn birds). The short primary projection, dark legs and upperpart tones look more like a Chiffchaff (of some race or another!), although I see from the discussion that yakutensis Willow Warbler is being discussed.

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    I belive this bird, in most respects, looks like a Willow Warbler. With such breast pattern it seems compleatly reasonable to consider yakutensis.

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    It is not like any Arctic Warbler I've ever come across. My first thought was Willow Warbler, perhaps yakutensis .

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