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Thread: Carolina Wren Nest Help!!!

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    Default Carolina Wren Nest Help!!!

    I was watering a hanging basket on my porch and noticed a nest buried in the top of it, only, I watered it before I realized it was a nest. There are 2 eggs in it & I haven't seen the parents around... Can someone tell me if the nest will dry out and be fine and if not, what should I do?

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    Hi Melissa, it should dry out I'm sure. The key is making sure the parents don't abandon. Keep your distance and see if the parents come back. If you see no activity for a few days, it's likely it's an old nest or they abandoned. Let us know how you get on.

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    Default Raided nest info needed asap

    A wren's nest was built at my front door, things appeared fine until yesterday, when 1 of the 3 eggs were destroyed and looks like something jumped into the nest...I have observed the parents around. Will they come back and repair or just abandon the nest ? Thanks for any info you can provide...what should we do ?

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