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Thread: Bendire's Thrasher?

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    Default Bendire's Thrasher?

    I've attached 4 pics of a thrasher I saw in the Sulphur Springs Valley, SE Arizona last month. I identified it as Bendire's at the time, but have had niggling doubts ever since, not least with the habitat. It was on a fence in the middle of some farmland, with no natural habitat (arid grassland with bushes and yuccas). Is it possible that this bird is within variation shown by Curve-billed Thrasher? Could C-b have young by then (18th April), and what does juv C-b look like? The paintings in Sibley, Peterson and Nat Geographic all differ in the underpart markings of juvs.
    Comments very welcome.
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    Hi Sherpa, these two can be tough as you know. I don't have much experience with these tricky short-billed juvenile Curve-billeds that look very much like Bendire's.

    However, I think there are some pro Bendire's features here:

    * rather fine arrow-shaped spotting on breast
    * pale base to lower mandible
    * Sibley mentions head shape. There is a softer expression, look to Bendire's that your bird appear to show

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