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Thread: Cryptic Troglodytes

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    Default Cryptic Troglodytes

    Hi all

    A recent paper by Toews and Irwin in Molecular Ecology (attached) 'Cryptic speciation in a Holarctic passerine revealed by genetic and bioacoustic analyses' has brought to our collective attention the existence of another cryptic species pair. Troglodytes troglodytes pacificus occurs syntopically (ie micro-sympatrically) with T. t. hiemalis, and behaves as a good BSC species. I once wrote a PhD proposal to study the phylogeography of (Winter) Wren which is one of few passerines with a Holarctic distribution and I'm sure that there are many more surprises from molecular studies awaiting us from this species..... Anyone want to pioneer the field identification of the 44 (sub)species.....


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    Keep the taxonomic updates coming!

    It is good to know it was worth exploring a few damp gulleys in California to bag the Pacific Wren a few years ago. I thought shortwings were the new Scytalopus but perhaps I was wrong...

    Micro-sympatrically? Now I need to use that more combination more often.

    Cheers, alan
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    I wonder how St.Kilda Wren would come up if similar work was done in Europe? It has often been talked about, but no one has taken up the challenge.

    A good PhD for someone, and a good money spinner for the boatmen if it came about that all British listers would have to make the trip!

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