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Thread: Hippolais or Acrocephalus?

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    Default Hippolais or Acrocephalus?

    I´m responsible for bringing this warbler - Syke´s (rama) - to Birdforum for questioning. It might seem like a strange question, but the angle of the bird is not entierly favourable - and strange things happens.
    I thought the tail shape and the patern of each feather, not to mention the long - almost Locustella long - undertail coverts was strange indeed for a Hippolais. Blyth´s Reed came up as a suggestion due to short wing, but I´m not so sure about this suggestion, there are some features, like palness (although some BRW are this pale) and somewhat bill shape and lengt which seems off for BRW. However, the main focus was on the tail.
    What say you?


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    I would agree that undertail looks better for acrocephalus. I see photo has been now labelled as Marsh Warbler.

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